Friday, December 01, 2006

Jingling Three

Check out our myspace account. (Dana, Jeff, and Russ). We have some brand new Christmas music for you to listen to there.
Every year Amy, Katie, Megan, Jen, and sometimes others go to Chicago to do some Christmas shopping. Last year DJ and I recorded our first song (Falize Navidad). This year we brought in some professional help (Jeff W.) to do our newest recording "Jingle Bell Rock".


Monday, November 13, 2006

Bella Come Here!

Ok... my sister in law took this video of her new little one (Emma) you may have seen a post or two about her on our blog before... In case you didn't know how cute she actually was, follow this link. (also just so you know - Bella is the dog, and it is REALLY REALLY funny to call for her)

Bella Come Here


oh deer.

just wanted to update you all - i've missed 5 deer this year with my bow... actually i've missed all of them with each shot except for one... that was tonight... hit him in the shoulder bone and he ran off. GRRRRR.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

super Dog super Dorky

NO, we are not that pathetic to buy a costume for our dog for hallwoeen... it was my mother that did it for her granDOGger. Welp, here he is. After my mom put it on him, he kept peeking his head around the corner, shy about showing us what he was wearing. It was a lot like when you would get a really ugly piece of clothing as a gift... such as a sweatshirt with a needlepunched pooch on the front of it from your aunt gertrude... and you would have to show it off at the family Christmas? Know what I mean tho'? "those are the moments we remember all our lives" welp... here's another victim of being dorkized by a relative:

names and places were changed to preserve the identities. Although it was my mother who bought the costume, frodo who wore it, and my mother who made the shirt... not aunt gertrude (i don't even have one) love ya mom,


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Too Cute!

Recently I received these cute photos from one of my older sisters, Kim. And since I am not a mommy yet, I thought I would do my part as an Auntie and show off my nieces and nephews! Enjoy!

Kristy and Kayla (Kim's girls)

Here they all are! They are in order from oldest to youngest, starting at the top of the slide. First we have Becky and Gustavo's boys: Zachary, Bradley, Nicolas, Austin, and Nathan. Then comes Kim and Chris' girls, Kristy and Kayla. Finally the newest addition to our family- Michael and Amy's little girl, Emma. Wow- that's a lot of Christmas presents that I better start shopping for!!!


Thursday, October 12, 2006 2

The fun continued on Saturday as Russ headed off to his Alumni soccer game. It was so much fun to watch him play- even his Mommy and Daddy came out for old time's sake! While we were watching, we took advantage Russ' mom and had her take this pix for us-

Megs, Katie H., Laura, and me!

After Russ' game, we headed over to scope out the Cornerstone Women's Volleyball team. Actually, we were hoping that we could learn something by watching them- because we had to play in the alumni (aka old folks) game after them.

It's a good thing that it's not a close up- cuz then you would be able to see just how red my face was! After the first game- I was completed pooped! I had to pray to God to give me strength to get through the next games. I did though- and it was fun after all! (even though I refused to wear spandex!!!!!)


Alumni Fun

On Friday we were able to go to an alumni dinner at Cornerstone with our friends Dana, Katie, and Katie. It was fun to see all the peeps there that we knew! It's especially nice to have Ben Peterson back working at the 'stone! We love you Mr. Cornerstone!

After dinner we got front row tickets to Big Daddy Weave and Mark Schultz! Yesssss! It was a great concert with GREAT praise songs. Good times.

Deege and Kates ( cute)


Thursday, September 21, 2006


Our apologies to all for not updating on our lives. For those of you who on :)...

One would think that we simply must not have anything going on, however, that is definitely not the case. Quite the contrary actually.

I am back to school, full swing, and although I'm loving being a professional again (after a very lazy summer), and although I love teaching....I can't necessarily say that I love my class....yet. I only have 21 kids, but 15 of them are boys...and 80% of them are ADHD- lucky me. So, I basically spend my days reminding kids to "get back to work", "sit back in your chair", "don't tip your chair", "stop talking", "get your work done", etc....and all the while they are saying "What were the directions again?", "What am I supposed to be doing again?", "Can I go to the bathroom?" (for the MILLIONTH TIME!!), and always my favorite, "I don't get it" (after I explained it a million times AND gave examples!!) Ahhhhhhh!! Today was a great day though- aside from one of my girls passing out on the playground, 2 boys with a bloody nose, 1 kid that puked (not in the classroom, thank goodness), and a partridge in a pear tree. Good times.

As for Russ, he has been keeping himself busy with coaching soccer, playing in a soccer league, and of course, working at his church and real estate jobs. It's been tough though because we don't get to see each other that much. Most of his activities and job tasks are in the evening and mine are during the day. I don't like that. :( It does give me some time to get some sewing done though....for the craft show on November 11th at the Rockford High School (shameless plug).

Other than all that, we have been busy getting together with friends and family on the weekends, cleaning up messes from Hurricase Frodo, and occasionally eating and sleeping.

Overall, life is good. God continues to provide all of our needs and even some of our wants (woohoo!).

Yup, life is good.

Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

RBC Family Camp, 2006

Well, we "survived" family camp for our first time. D and Kates came along as well and we stayed Friday night into Sat. It was a good time of chillin with the church peeps and steppin up to the survivor challenges. maybe we only did 1 of the challenges, but we didn't want to outshine everyone else! he he! We had plans of staying in our tent, but were offered this lovely "A-Frame" cabin instead. Basically, it's a wooden tent...with spiders and creepy sounding mysterious creatures. But we decided that it was better than messing with a tent- especially with the possibility of rain. It wasn't so bad though. We got a good night's sleep- and didn't have to dry out a tent when we packed up! That's always nice.

Here we are sitting around the campfire on Friday night.

We also had to make a flag that would represent our tribe. We merged our tribes into the "M & M's" (Mika-Miller....really creative...we know...). Not to mention, we were the "DARK M & M's"...the DARK being an acronym for Dana, Amy, Russ, Katie (even more creative...we know...)

Oh, and yes, those are tribal "buffs" we are wearing...the guys took their's off already....they must have been embarrassed....I can't imagine why....

Molly's in the House!!!

Yes, yes, it's true, Molly-PA-TAYZAK, was in MI for a couple of days, and yes, yes, it's true- she visited US!!!!!! Sweet!!! We felt so blessed to have her near us again and to get the famous Molly hug (seriously a world record hugger). Anyways, thanks Mol for stopping by during your very busy visit. We all love you and miss you!

And here we all are...sitting around talking and's what we do best!

Shower Time

A couple of weeks ago, our Sunday School class got together to celebrate the marriage of Dana and Katie. Everyone was there! It was a great time! Here is a pix of them opening a gift...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Private Lake Resort

What a fabulous time we had on vacation last week! The weather was beautiful and hot which gave us plenty of water time. If you ever plan a vacation again, try to find a private lake that you can have all to yourself. There is nothing better, in my book. We spent a lot of time fishing (mostly caught bass), and a lot of time swimming/floating around the lake on our air mattresses or on the water trampoline. Ahhhh, sweet bliss! In the picture above, my Dad and my sister Becky are taking the 2 little ones, Kristy and Nathan, out on the lake for a little fishing.

What appears to be a tipped over canoe is actually a "brilliant idea" from the masterminds of my Dad and my husband. Apparently, they thought it would be fun to try to canoe around the lake...UNDER WATER!!!!

After several attempts, they finally made it to the trampoline and back. We are all so proud of you two!!!

This is a picture of one of my nephews, Bradley. If you look closely, he is holding a snake that I caught. He loved that snake so much!! Too bad his mommy wouldn't let him take it home.

All in all, it was so nice to spend some relaxing time with the family. Usually are visits are so crammed in and a bit stressfull, but nice. This week though was just what I needed. Lots of games, swimming, eating, laying out, fishing, and best of all- FAMILY!!! In the picture above, I caught the newest member of our family, Emma, sleeping in the precious!!!


Saturday, July 22, 2006


Well it's official you are out of michigan! Congradulations, and see you guys in a couple weeks,

nice picture bye the way. I found this in a box of garbage in your garage. Ha ha ha ha.


Friday, July 21, 2006


Well, here's the pictures from last weekends excursion...

thank you Adam for driving...

Good thing we took the bus...

And here's everyone but the person w/ the camera (amy)...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pursuit of Holiness ch 1-2

What's the point, especially for "once saved, always saved" believers? People that trust in Jesus for Salvation and cleansing of sin are already considered holy by position. So, what's the BIG deal with little sin? What's even the BIG deal with BIG sin? Is there a percieved moral distinction between the two based upon consequence? i.e. the bigger effect the sin has upon the people around me, the worse the sin? OR if that sin has no percieved effect on anyone around me, is it still a sin (i.e. the fleeting heart/bitterness/ inward unholy thoughts?) OR is it because the Lawgiver is BIG and HOLY that we're to respect even the percieved small sins?

We're reading the book the Pursuit of Holiness in our small group through our church, and these seem to be the major questions I encountered in reading the first 2 chapters. I am curious to know your observations as well. These questions aren't namely the biggest points of the book, however they stood out to me the most, for whatever reason... possibly that I justify WAY to many little things.
There's a quote on pg. 20 that says "it is the comprimise on the little issues that lead to the great downfalls". So a dogmatic/skeptic question (if there's such a thing) I would raise is this: Is it the avoidance of the great downfalls that we abstain from sin? OR is it pro-active... i.e. Out of thanksgiving for our salvation and desire to imitate (not take the place) of God that we try with all our hearts to be Holy? "but just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do: for it is written: "Be Holy because I am Holy". 1 Peter 1:15-16.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Solved Mysteries, Case Number 3987479303

warning - to the extreme graphic nature, some of these photos may not be suitable for all audiences.

It was a hot July day, when Mr. Miller came home to be greeted by his dog Frodo. Where was Mrs. Miller, but upstairs sleeping the hot monday afternoon away. Mr. Miller proceeded to repair the vacume, setting up his tools on the coffee table next to an empty candy dish. This bowl, to his knowledge had been empty for a couple of days, so he took no notice of it.

Little did he know, earlier that day Mrs. Miller had allegedly filled it with starburst and werther's original candy. He finished repairing the vacume and his wife came into the room, sleepy eyed and looking to finish off her afternoon relaxment with a game of yahoo trivia on her laptop. She set up her laptop right next to this mysteriously empty bowl. After about a game or so of trivia, her sweet tooth began to beckon her to the dish, only for her to realize it was empty. Mr. Miller was hastily finishing his work on his computer, when Mrs. Miller shouted "What did you do with the Candy? This isn't Funny!"

Unable to keep a straight face, for whatever reason besides a guilty conscience, he claimed his innocence. Mrs. Miller did not believe him for a second, for her nap was only about an hour, and Mr. Miller had come home at the half hour. This led investigators to believe the candy was unattended for about a half an hour, with NO evidence to be found. The couple resumed thier search for the missing candy, with the allegations of deceit darting about. Moments later (close to 10min), an allegation turned to the only other possible suspect. After Mr. Miller had taken Frodo (the family dog) for an afternoon poop, to see if there was any evidence of candy, thier hopes of finding the missing candy was growing dimmer by the second, as the scat revealed no clues.

Finally in desperation the couple accused the dog with a harsh tone, and out of guilt and a full stomach the evidence was spewed forth in an instantly grotesque fashion... on the floor.

Case Number 398747303....closed.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mika Wedding

What a great time we had at Katie and Dana's wedding!! There were so many friends that came from out of town that made the day even more special. We couldn't be happier for them!
Sandy, Jen, me, Katie, Tara, Megan, Katie, Jenny

This one goes out to Chase: "You can dance if you want to..." Love you guys!

Meredith, Angela, Jason, Matt, and Russ.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Welcome Home!

My time in Wisconsin was absolutely fabulous! Although I missed Russ terribly, it was great to be "home" and nice to see everyone. It was especially nice to see Rene' (who is home on a 3 week leave from Kuwait) and Emma- our newest member of the family.

Welcome home Rene' and Emma!

Here are a few other pictures of the fam...

Bradley, Zachary, Dad, and Emma

One of our nieces, Kayla

Nathan, Dad ("Grandpa"), Kristy, and Austin

Kayla and Kristy at the parade.

That's all the pictures for now! If you want to see more, let me know! -am

Monday, July 03, 2006

Miller Mania '06

Miller Mania '06 as it is called was great. I, unfortunately, had to go alone because Amy is still visiting the fam in Wisconsin, but i had fun none the less... plus some great food. Well, i didn't go alone, i just didn't bring Amy. Rachel Chase and Whitney came with me and Frodo stayed on my parents porch. Bye the way, if any of you ever see whitney tell her to put the frosted flakes back in the box!

Anyway, It was great to see all of the cousins, aunts, uncles, 2nd cousins, and of course Grandma. (who was able to spend some time away from the hospital to see us all) Love you Gram.! Anyway there was a bit of a controversy over which was the accurate count, but we're all pretty sure it was between 48 and 52 people. We had people there from San Diego, Houston, Chicago, Indianapolis and a whole slew of michiganders/locals. Great to see you all again!

On the activity list was food, a slip and slide, food, soccer, bocce ball, food, cards, and the biggest hit - volleyball (which lasted until 11:00 pm thanks to the glow in the dark ball which is the coolest thing ever... well, at least when you want to play volleyball after dark it is).

That night we threw up tents and spent the night in Grandma's back yard... and next year I've learned to go to bed last, otherwise your tent just may happen to collapse with you in it!

Monday we took 12 canoes out to BIG BEND canoe rental (note not "river bend" canoe rental)... Yes, I did get lost in the smallest city in michigan... no really it is the smallest city in michigan... look it up, it's called Omer (it's between standish and the williams farm off 23). It has a blinking light and a real light... it also has 2 canoe places with strikingly similar names. I was supposed to turn at the real light, not the blinker... oops. Anyway, to make a long story longer everyone waited for us, we missed our bus to the drop off and a 2 hour trip turned into a 4 hour ordeal. Lucky for us Uncle Bill B. bought us ALL ice cream TWICE! He IS nice, i don't care what everyone else says about him! :) jk.

I hope to post some pictures from the weekend as soon as I can "bum" some off of someone w/ a camera. Anyway, Love you ALL, can't wait to see you again,


p.s. my shoulders are fried from the canoe trip!!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Meat and Potatoes

Just thought I'd let the world know what I finally decided on for din din...
yup you guessed it, or you read the title of this post... Meat and Potatoes!
(Actually chilidogs and potatoe chips). Yum. Anyone got a tums?

Home Alone

Welp, Amy took off to go see her family in Wisconsin, so it's just me, Frodo, and stupid. I know there have been some concerns out there about how I would survive w/o Amy to feed and clean up after me, and i do have to say it's been tough, but i've been able to perservere. Yes, she does do all that wonderful stuff, but I'm more domestic than you all have been lead to believe.
For instance, I will give you my food schedule since she's been gone (as has been requested)
Thurs: Breakfast: coco puffs, Lunch: a (1) corn dog, Dinner: 2 hot dogs
Fri: Breakfast: coco puffs, Lunch: a Tina's Burrito (yum) Dinner: Big Mac meal w/ Hi-C orange
Sat: Breakfast: coco puffs, Lunch: tator tots, applesauce, and garlic bread, Dinner: I don't know, i'm starving though - I ate all the "good" food in the house!!!!!

I don't know what i'm going to do for breakfast now either since the coco puffs are pretty much gone!

And anyone who would care to read this post and/or care what i eat has got to be a nut case. I say that affectionately, of course.

p.s. I feel a little lightheaded
p.p.s. Stupid is the Cat. :)


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Before and After

Before the surgery

After the surgery

(Look closely- there is a treat resting on his "lampshade"...he refused to eat it)

What a baby!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How cute!

I am going to get in trouble for posting this...but it's just too adorable!! This is a picture of Russ and Dana...all ready for school. It doesn't get much cuter than this folks.


Moving Out

Russ and I would just like to say farewell to our housemate and friend, Dana Mika. We will miss your presence in the Miller household. We are so happy for you and Katie as you start your lives together in your cute house! We can't wait to come over for our weekly dinners. Oh, and Dana- don't worry, we know how to get there- we'll just follow the "chex mix trail" you left us. He he!

Love you both.


Welcome to the Family, Emma

It's official! Michael and Amy were able to get both parents to sign away their rights and had their court date. At the court (as you can see in this picture) they actually had to SERVE Emma the papers. Strange I thought, since she's not a very good reader....or grabber....hmmm.

Anyway, we are all very very very happy for Michael and Amy. So far the rest of the family got to meet Emma in person on Father's day. Russ and I (and Rene') will get to meet her in July. Can't wait!!!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. This baby means so much to our family, and espcially to Michael and Amy.

love to all-


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Update on baby Emma

Here is what my mother found out from Amy yesterday (June 14):

"Yesterday they signed the papers with the adoption agency and today they have their court date, which from what Amy says is more ceremonial than anything. They told them to bring their camera because they will actually serve papers to Emma, and this will make them legal guardians of her until at 6 months the adoption is final and she is legally their child. After the court date today they have to wait for interstate paperwork to be completed and sent to each state, which they are hoping can happen tomorrow so they can go home. Michael has to go back to work on Sat., so if they don't get the paperwork, Amy and Emma will have to stay in Illinois until they get it and Joyce will go pick them up. The birthmother requested that her name be Emma Grace Cottrell on the birth certificate which is really nice- no name changing. They are all very happy and Amy says that Michael is so good with Emma."

Thanks for all your prayers- keep sending them their way!



What a weekend! Finally i can breathe again, and blog a bit. :) We had a great time putting on the Start of Summer concert on RBC's Front lawn. This is the first ever, so we were a bit unsure how it would turn out. I'm still not sure, except I had a great time playing. Also I just want to thank all of the great help I had setting up, tearing down, and everything else that goes into it. The concert started off with Joe Kelly playing original lyrical folk style tunes, then Julie Rye (formerly Bishop) played a set of original music... you can catch her latest recording on, and we finished the evening off with some worship tunes. Our band featured Jen "Diva" Dudik singin lead and harmonies, Slammin Scotty on drums and lead voc. on a few, Madie the Mother on Keyboard, Big Bass Chase on well... Bass, DJ Dana on Electric, Joe "Just Play D" Kelly on Lead Elec. and violin, and Last but not Least Big Momma Wah Wah Shaw on the Piano-Forte, Oh, and I sang and played a bit of acoustic. Very fun to play with this group of peeps. :)
So this was the first time, so i'm interested in suggestions and ideas for next year to make it better, we're considering moving it later in the evening (i.e. closer to fireworks time), earlier (after the parade), or doing it Friday night, or all 3! Post your thoughts...
Oh, and here's a few other pics...

Here's Joe:

Here's Julie

And we caught this great candid of Slammin Scotty and his Herem of beautiful women. For some reason he looks happier than they do...


Fun with friends

Here are a few more pix from last Sat.