Saturday, August 26, 2006

RBC Family Camp, 2006

Well, we "survived" family camp for our first time. D and Kates came along as well and we stayed Friday night into Sat. It was a good time of chillin with the church peeps and steppin up to the survivor challenges. maybe we only did 1 of the challenges, but we didn't want to outshine everyone else! he he! We had plans of staying in our tent, but were offered this lovely "A-Frame" cabin instead. Basically, it's a wooden tent...with spiders and creepy sounding mysterious creatures. But we decided that it was better than messing with a tent- especially with the possibility of rain. It wasn't so bad though. We got a good night's sleep- and didn't have to dry out a tent when we packed up! That's always nice.

Here we are sitting around the campfire on Friday night.

We also had to make a flag that would represent our tribe. We merged our tribes into the "M & M's" (Mika-Miller....really creative...we know...). Not to mention, we were the "DARK M & M's"...the DARK being an acronym for Dana, Amy, Russ, Katie (even more creative...we know...)

Oh, and yes, those are tribal "buffs" we are wearing...the guys took their's off already....they must have been embarrassed....I can't imagine why....

Molly's in the House!!!

Yes, yes, it's true, Molly-PA-TAYZAK, was in MI for a couple of days, and yes, yes, it's true- she visited US!!!!!! Sweet!!! We felt so blessed to have her near us again and to get the famous Molly hug (seriously a world record hugger). Anyways, thanks Mol for stopping by during your very busy visit. We all love you and miss you!

And here we all are...sitting around talking and's what we do best!

Shower Time

A couple of weeks ago, our Sunday School class got together to celebrate the marriage of Dana and Katie. Everyone was there! It was a great time! Here is a pix of them opening a gift...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Private Lake Resort

What a fabulous time we had on vacation last week! The weather was beautiful and hot which gave us plenty of water time. If you ever plan a vacation again, try to find a private lake that you can have all to yourself. There is nothing better, in my book. We spent a lot of time fishing (mostly caught bass), and a lot of time swimming/floating around the lake on our air mattresses or on the water trampoline. Ahhhh, sweet bliss! In the picture above, my Dad and my sister Becky are taking the 2 little ones, Kristy and Nathan, out on the lake for a little fishing.

What appears to be a tipped over canoe is actually a "brilliant idea" from the masterminds of my Dad and my husband. Apparently, they thought it would be fun to try to canoe around the lake...UNDER WATER!!!!

After several attempts, they finally made it to the trampoline and back. We are all so proud of you two!!!

This is a picture of one of my nephews, Bradley. If you look closely, he is holding a snake that I caught. He loved that snake so much!! Too bad his mommy wouldn't let him take it home.

All in all, it was so nice to spend some relaxing time with the family. Usually are visits are so crammed in and a bit stressfull, but nice. This week though was just what I needed. Lots of games, swimming, eating, laying out, fishing, and best of all- FAMILY!!! In the picture above, I caught the newest member of our family, Emma, sleeping in the precious!!!