Monday, June 18, 2007

Start of Summer Celebration in Rockford

As I think back to last year's start of summer, and last year's post on start of summer, I decided to post a similar picture. Russ didn't understand why I would choose a spot where I couldn't see the band completely, but what he didn't understand was this:

1. I found shade on a really freakin hot day.

2. I had a blanket to sit on.

3. Tradition led me to the same spot.

4. I can do what I want to do....I'm 29 (yes, it's true...the big 3-0 is near)

Overall it was a great day! Great food. Great company. Great music. Great turnout. I am proud of my husband for the concert he organized. Great husband. :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Best Argument EVER!

I don't care what language this is in, but this has to be the BEST argument I have ever witnessed!!! It makes me wonder what this kid was arguing for. Check it out: