Sunday, May 28, 2006

"Build a Bonfire" by Jason Harrod

Friday we went over to Dan and Noelle's to burn off some branches that fell in this springs ice storm. We also got to see the amazing gazelle dog... what a jumper! It was fun to hang out with chris and lacey, chad and cristy, dan and noelle, and adam and becca. Sure is nice that bonfire season has returned to Michigan! Oh... and Smores season...

Anyway - ya'll are great bonfire hosts!


Keeley Kay Cappon

Welcome to the world, Keeley!! Joe and Nina- Thanks for passing her around during Sunday School class today. Did you notice the looks on everyone's faces!? She's so precious! Nice job!!


Friday, May 26, 2006

Frog Dog

Well Mom- you asked for a picture of the dog...and here he his usual position (other than the position he taught the cat). Someday maybe we will have picture of friends, kids, us....but until then, all you get to see is our pets.


Fat Cat

Well, look who I caught doing absolutely nothing... while I was doing guess what?!?!... yup you guessed it - absolutely nothing. Say hello to Arwin. Our dog Frodo taught her (and us) to sit like that... but only when it's a steamy 75 degrees here in Michigan (or above - which is rare). Looks like I will be able to get recent photo's up with my camera phone. Anyway - I know you wanted to see this. Whoever you are!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

First Time

First time Skating Backwards... First time Blogging (Amy is the only one going forward... the rest of us are going backwards... including the camera man - thanks DJ)
Hey World! Now you can catch all the latest happenings with us (Russ and Amy). We're not quite sure how to work this yet, nor do we have a digital camera...
And - to warn you... because of a couple of friends we have named Lost and Alias... not much has happened with us lately.
Since Lost is over and Alias is nearly over, we'll hopefully have more to post about in the near future.
We promise our next posting won't be as pathetic as this one...
and bye the way, can you believe Michael and Walt just left? Do you think they'll come back and help? And what was with Desmond's girlfriend answering the phone?!?!
I know... we're dorks... at least we're not Idol-aholics... but we were glad Taylor won.

Now to find a life... we'll get back to you on that...