Thursday, January 04, 2007


Below are the chronicles of the last 11 days of our lives. Enjoy!

We started off spending Christmas day in WI with the whole fam damily! Yes, as you can see, we are quite the crew! Although it seemed crowded at times, it was great to have EVERYONE there....even.....

....RENE'! It's amazing how much your "little" brother grows up when you don't get to see him that much. *sniffle sniffle* He looks great though and it was SO nice to be able to spend some time with him.
After much eating, game playing, and just plain being lazy, we decided to head back to MI for the Miller family Christmas. On our way back we took an unexpected detour through a quaint little town called "Niagra". IT WAS GORGEOUS! So we stopped for a few scenery shots before getting back in the car on our way to "El Krapids"

Finally we made it to our destination and kicked off our stay with....PRESENTS! As many of you know, it is Miller tradition to draw names every Christmas. It is very serious and top secret. You are not allowed to tell who you have OR tell what you want. you can see from the picture, both Russ and I received the SAME gift! Crazy huh? Yup, Chase and Heath both seemed to think that Russ and I like the game "Settlers of Catan". Thankfully they were right, however, Russ was able to trade his game in for some cool soccer equipment. Wanna play Settlers? Just come on over!! It's fun :)

Our stay in Elk Rapids was pretty much filled with eating, games, and sleeping. Aside from the 3 dance videos we made, there was one other crazy - spur of the moment event....

...Chase and Heath (after trying to convince us to go with) decided to go for a dip in the lake...burrrrrrr!! Since it was so dark, and since they ran so fast in and out, it was difficult to capture the moment with our camera....but Russ was able to get this fabulous shot of Heath, just as he came up out of the water! Looks refreshing doesn't it?

Many, many other events took place- but if you want the whole story, you have to come over and we will tell you all of the interesting details....all while playing a lively game of Settlers.

Thanks for tuning in.


Cool Sweater Ma!

Just had to show off my new Christmas gift. Apparently my mother DOES read our blog! (see blog entry "super Dog super Dorky" oct. 29th). WOW, de ja vu from when I was 8.