Sunday, October 29, 2006

super Dog super Dorky

NO, we are not that pathetic to buy a costume for our dog for hallwoeen... it was my mother that did it for her granDOGger. Welp, here he is. After my mom put it on him, he kept peeking his head around the corner, shy about showing us what he was wearing. It was a lot like when you would get a really ugly piece of clothing as a gift... such as a sweatshirt with a needlepunched pooch on the front of it from your aunt gertrude... and you would have to show it off at the family Christmas? Know what I mean tho'? "those are the moments we remember all our lives" welp... here's another victim of being dorkized by a relative:

names and places were changed to preserve the identities. Although it was my mother who bought the costume, frodo who wore it, and my mother who made the shirt... not aunt gertrude (i don't even have one) love ya mom,



The Mika's said...

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