Saturday, October 21, 2006

Too Cute!

Recently I received these cute photos from one of my older sisters, Kim. And since I am not a mommy yet, I thought I would do my part as an Auntie and show off my nieces and nephews! Enjoy!

Kristy and Kayla (Kim's girls)

Here they all are! They are in order from oldest to youngest, starting at the top of the slide. First we have Becky and Gustavo's boys: Zachary, Bradley, Nicolas, Austin, and Nathan. Then comes Kim and Chris' girls, Kristy and Kayla. Finally the newest addition to our family- Michael and Amy's little girl, Emma. Wow- that's a lot of Christmas presents that I better start shopping for!!!



The Mika's said...

Wow... Dana and I have so much to live up to with the blog... Hopefully, after today, you'll no longer be disappointed. (at least for a few days)