Thursday, June 15, 2006


What a weekend! Finally i can breathe again, and blog a bit. :) We had a great time putting on the Start of Summer concert on RBC's Front lawn. This is the first ever, so we were a bit unsure how it would turn out. I'm still not sure, except I had a great time playing. Also I just want to thank all of the great help I had setting up, tearing down, and everything else that goes into it. The concert started off with Joe Kelly playing original lyrical folk style tunes, then Julie Rye (formerly Bishop) played a set of original music... you can catch her latest recording on, and we finished the evening off with some worship tunes. Our band featured Jen "Diva" Dudik singin lead and harmonies, Slammin Scotty on drums and lead voc. on a few, Madie the Mother on Keyboard, Big Bass Chase on well... Bass, DJ Dana on Electric, Joe "Just Play D" Kelly on Lead Elec. and violin, and Last but not Least Big Momma Wah Wah Shaw on the Piano-Forte, Oh, and I sang and played a bit of acoustic. Very fun to play with this group of peeps. :)
So this was the first time, so i'm interested in suggestions and ideas for next year to make it better, we're considering moving it later in the evening (i.e. closer to fireworks time), earlier (after the parade), or doing it Friday night, or all 3! Post your thoughts...
Oh, and here's a few other pics...

Here's Joe:

Here's Julie

And we caught this great candid of Slammin Scotty and his Herem of beautiful women. For some reason he looks happier than they do...