Monday, July 10, 2006

Solved Mysteries, Case Number 3987479303

warning - to the extreme graphic nature, some of these photos may not be suitable for all audiences.

It was a hot July day, when Mr. Miller came home to be greeted by his dog Frodo. Where was Mrs. Miller, but upstairs sleeping the hot monday afternoon away. Mr. Miller proceeded to repair the vacume, setting up his tools on the coffee table next to an empty candy dish. This bowl, to his knowledge had been empty for a couple of days, so he took no notice of it.

Little did he know, earlier that day Mrs. Miller had allegedly filled it with starburst and werther's original candy. He finished repairing the vacume and his wife came into the room, sleepy eyed and looking to finish off her afternoon relaxment with a game of yahoo trivia on her laptop. She set up her laptop right next to this mysteriously empty bowl. After about a game or so of trivia, her sweet tooth began to beckon her to the dish, only for her to realize it was empty. Mr. Miller was hastily finishing his work on his computer, when Mrs. Miller shouted "What did you do with the Candy? This isn't Funny!"

Unable to keep a straight face, for whatever reason besides a guilty conscience, he claimed his innocence. Mrs. Miller did not believe him for a second, for her nap was only about an hour, and Mr. Miller had come home at the half hour. This led investigators to believe the candy was unattended for about a half an hour, with NO evidence to be found. The couple resumed thier search for the missing candy, with the allegations of deceit darting about. Moments later (close to 10min), an allegation turned to the only other possible suspect. After Mr. Miller had taken Frodo (the family dog) for an afternoon poop, to see if there was any evidence of candy, thier hopes of finding the missing candy was growing dimmer by the second, as the scat revealed no clues.

Finally in desperation the couple accused the dog with a harsh tone, and out of guilt and a full stomach the evidence was spewed forth in an instantly grotesque fashion... on the floor.

Case Number 398747303....closed.



Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

Wow what talent Frodo has, hope all is well at Millhouse. Hope to see you soon.

Molly said...

Um, I just nearly wet myself after reading this blog and viewing the picture of the "evidence". Even now I am still unable to sotp laughing. One tear is trickling down my cheek. :) I LOOOOOOOOVE funny animals!!!! And I love YIU guys!!!!

Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

Sean & I nearly wet ourselfs after reading this also! that is funny funny, great story!