Saturday, July 01, 2006

Home Alone

Welp, Amy took off to go see her family in Wisconsin, so it's just me, Frodo, and stupid. I know there have been some concerns out there about how I would survive w/o Amy to feed and clean up after me, and i do have to say it's been tough, but i've been able to perservere. Yes, she does do all that wonderful stuff, but I'm more domestic than you all have been lead to believe.
For instance, I will give you my food schedule since she's been gone (as has been requested)
Thurs: Breakfast: coco puffs, Lunch: a (1) corn dog, Dinner: 2 hot dogs
Fri: Breakfast: coco puffs, Lunch: a Tina's Burrito (yum) Dinner: Big Mac meal w/ Hi-C orange
Sat: Breakfast: coco puffs, Lunch: tator tots, applesauce, and garlic bread, Dinner: I don't know, i'm starving though - I ate all the "good" food in the house!!!!!

I don't know what i'm going to do for breakfast now either since the coco puffs are pretty much gone!

And anyone who would care to read this post and/or care what i eat has got to be a nut case. I say that affectionately, of course.

p.s. I feel a little lightheaded
p.p.s. Stupid is the Cat. :)



Adam and Becca said...

I hope you take a multi-vitamin to compensate for your lack of good nutrition. And I hope Amy is coming home soon...for your sound a bit lonely and pathetic in your posts. Every man needs a good woman to keep him in order.