Monday, July 03, 2006

Miller Mania '06

Miller Mania '06 as it is called was great. I, unfortunately, had to go alone because Amy is still visiting the fam in Wisconsin, but i had fun none the less... plus some great food. Well, i didn't go alone, i just didn't bring Amy. Rachel Chase and Whitney came with me and Frodo stayed on my parents porch. Bye the way, if any of you ever see whitney tell her to put the frosted flakes back in the box!

Anyway, It was great to see all of the cousins, aunts, uncles, 2nd cousins, and of course Grandma. (who was able to spend some time away from the hospital to see us all) Love you Gram.! Anyway there was a bit of a controversy over which was the accurate count, but we're all pretty sure it was between 48 and 52 people. We had people there from San Diego, Houston, Chicago, Indianapolis and a whole slew of michiganders/locals. Great to see you all again!

On the activity list was food, a slip and slide, food, soccer, bocce ball, food, cards, and the biggest hit - volleyball (which lasted until 11:00 pm thanks to the glow in the dark ball which is the coolest thing ever... well, at least when you want to play volleyball after dark it is).

That night we threw up tents and spent the night in Grandma's back yard... and next year I've learned to go to bed last, otherwise your tent just may happen to collapse with you in it!

Monday we took 12 canoes out to BIG BEND canoe rental (note not "river bend" canoe rental)... Yes, I did get lost in the smallest city in michigan... no really it is the smallest city in michigan... look it up, it's called Omer (it's between standish and the williams farm off 23). It has a blinking light and a real light... it also has 2 canoe places with strikingly similar names. I was supposed to turn at the real light, not the blinker... oops. Anyway, to make a long story longer everyone waited for us, we missed our bus to the drop off and a 2 hour trip turned into a 4 hour ordeal. Lucky for us Uncle Bill B. bought us ALL ice cream TWICE! He IS nice, i don't care what everyone else says about him! :) jk.

I hope to post some pictures from the weekend as soon as I can "bum" some off of someone w/ a camera. Anyway, Love you ALL, can't wait to see you again,


p.s. my shoulders are fried from the canoe trip!!!!