Monday, April 18, 2011

ABC's ... Easy as 1-2-3!

A while back I purchased some ABC decals at Meijer (before they were discounted to only 9.99!!). Anyway, now that that basement is finished, I have been busy getting the play area organized and decorated, so I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased 26 random frames. My orginal intent was to paint them all white, but I just loved the natural look of them- it really made the colors in the letters pop! So, how does one go about hanging 26 frames? Thanks to one of my favorite websites, younghouselove, I was able to hang all 26 with ease. Step 1: Arrange frames how you want them. Step 2: Cut out pieces of paper to match the sizes of the various frames and tape them to the wall.

Step 3: Mark the nail holes on the pieces of paper according to where the hanging apparatus is located.
Step 4: Pound your nails on the marks you drew on each piece, remove piece of paper and replace it with the frame.
So, there may not be doorknobs on the doors yet, but at least this play area will have cute decorations.

More to come...