Monday, December 08, 2008

What I've learned so far about being a mom and about babies...

10. There never are enough burp rags.

9. Dogs like to eat baby spit up.

8. I feel more like a cow than a woman.

7. Husbands are BIG helpers!

6. Early mornings aren't so bad when you have a smiley baby to wake up to.

5. Change the diaper IMMEDIATELY when you suspect a poopy...or else it will creep up and out and all over.

4. Don't just pack extra outfits for the baby, pack an extra for the mommy and daddy too.

3. Letting Caleb cry sometimes is okay...even though it breaks my heart.

2. There's nothing like story time right before bed...SOOOOOOOO cuddly!!

And the #1 thing I've learned so far... to thank God every day for our sweet boy.


Kris & Leanne said...

very cute. you have such a way with words! loved it. (even though i really can't actually relate) - thanks for making me smile :)

Dan, Tracy, Gracelyn & Olivia said...

Amen sister! You have it right on track. Number one is the best for sure! So glad you are taking the not so joyous parts of child rearing with a grain of salt and learning to see the ultimate joy of your sweet blessing:) Loves