Sunday, November 16, 2008

"O Christmas Tree..."

Amy: "Can we get a Christmas tree? There's a slim 9 foot pre-lit on sale at Joann Fabrics."

Russ: "Oh ya, how much?"

Amy: "$119...that's a really good deal".

Russ: "So that's like me and a half. Does that look tall enough if I stand over here next to the window?".

Amy: "Yes."

Russ: "It really will only go to the bottom of those windows. How much for a taller tree?"

Amy: "There's a 12 footer at Sam's Club but it's $250."

Russ: "Check Craigs List."

Amy: "Okay. Here's a 12 footer for $150 here in Holland."

Russ: "Call em up!"

Amy: "You do it."

A little while later, Russ arrived home with this...Russ: "I might need a little help."

Amy: "Why? It can't be THAT big."

A little while later Russ began to assemble the 12 footer that he bought...

Amy: "Don't you think it's a little too big?"

Russ: "Let's finish putting it up and see."

Amy: "Okay."

Amy: "It's huge. People are going to make fun of us for our oversized tree. I've never seen a tree this big in a house before."

Russ: "It's not that bad. I like it! It's cool. If you're gonna put up a Christmas tree, it might as well be a big one. Besides, it's staying up now after all that work."

Amy: "I'd like to officially go on the record by saying that I wanted the 9 foot slim tree from Joann's."

Russ: "Okay Scrooge."

Amy: "We should blog this conversation."

Russ: "We should title it 'Mines Bigger Than Yours'."

Amy: "That sounds perverted."

Russ: "Yup."


Matt, Jen, and Addison said...

I love the tree! I can't wait to see it in person. :-)

Adam and Becca said...

I think it looks pretty sweet! You guys have the perfect spot for a big tree. And your whole neighborhood can see your tree out your big windows and be jealous of your massive Christmas spirit.

Anonymous said...

if you get rid of that tree I will be soooo mad at you! I LLLOOOVVVEE it! Can't wait to see it on thurs. I'm actually tempted to steal it from you!

The Mika's said...

One word: Hilarious.

Sandy said...

LOL! That's awesome! Too big, Amy? Hmm, that's not the Christmas-loving Amy I remember! :) Our tree is only 12 INCHES tall, so you've just got us beat!