Saturday, October 11, 2008

First REAL smiles :)

Well, it's hard to believe that one month has already passed since Caleb was born. Everyone always says that they change so much so fast- and it's true!! Yesterday he had his first real smiles. It was the highlight of my day and I pretty much sent the picture out to practically everyone. It's kinda fuzzy because I took it with my phone, but it'll do :) As far as stats- um, we think he's around 11 pounds now...that's pretty much all the stats we have. At his last appt. at 2 weeks, he was in the 50th percentile for height and 75th for weight....or the other way around. Seriously, I don't know how all of you moms keep track of this! Anyway, enjoy the makes me smile :)


Dan, Tracy, Gracelyn & Olivia said...

PRECIOUS!!! Sometimes these are the only things that get you through the sleepless nights:)Enjoy this handsome little guy to the fullest.

The Rottiers said...

He is so cute!! we feel so bad that we have yet to come and meet him, it feels like the weeks fly by and we have had so little time as a family let alone time to make plans. Oh yeah, about the stats to remember I always had to carry it with me until grandmas and aunts stopped calling and i posted it because i couldn't remember either.