Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Good Ole' Days

As difficult as it is to get old, there are some things your mind never forgets. For Nana, that's music and DANCING! She and Gramps used to go out all the time to dance when they were younger. When they talk about it, they just smile. You can tell the memories they do have left are good ones.

Today, we put in a Big Band Love Songs cd. As soon as Nana heard it, she started wiggling in her seat. Next thing we knew, she was standing up and dancing. Russ couldn't help himself, so he joined in on the fun. The look on Gramps' face was one I will never forget.

These are the kind of memories that I know Russ and I will always cherish.

Happy Mother's Day.


Rhianon and Heath said...

That is precious! i must say I am so jealous you have the opportunity to spend time with Nana and Gramps. I can imagine Nana wiggling in her seat and Gramps with that smile full of happy memories. Next time give em hugs and kisses from us!