Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Frodo's Diary

Monday, March 26th, 2007

Dear Diary,

Today began like any other day, 5 am i was awakened by my mother, fed, and taken out for my morning business... i like to do my business. That morning my dad also fed me, so i was one happy camper.... full and enjoying life.

I spent most of the day gazing out at the beautiful sunshine and panting from the 75 degree weather. When my parents got home for the day (or so they thought) they decided i needed to take a bath because my uncles were coming to visit next week. (and i was kinda smelly). I sure do love bathing...

Anyway, so while i was in there, my dad notice a couple of matts behind my ears, so he decided to cut them off. Next thing i knew they were running around in a tizzy and calling my grandma. Then i heard them mention the vet... that's when i started to panic. I still wasn't quite sure what was wrong, but i got a little excited because i got to go for a ride.
We eventually (after a few wrong turns) ended up at Skeeter's house. He sure was ready to play, and so was I. I think i got slipped a pill in some peanut butter though, because for the rest of the night i was seeing double. Double skeeter, double dad, double dr. Supp. Before i knew it i was being poked with the needle and stitched up behind my ear. Turns out my dad tried to "off" me.... yes we have a dysfunctional family. Thanks to skeeter's dad, i escaped with my ear still intact, not to mention my life.
whew! what a long day.

March 27th, 2007

Dear Diary,
Wow 5 am came early this morning. My double vision finally turned into tiredness and i was OUT cold. I think the cat was snuggling with me at some point, but i couldn't even pick my head up to chew on her.
It was another beautiful day, dad brushed me out in the sun for what seemed like 2 hours (really it was more like one). I also got to go for another car ride! This time i went to Grandma's for mom's birthday. I had a great time playing with chris. Also lucky for me, Gramps left the door open and i got to go for a nice jog down 13 mile road. Dad, Grandpa, and Mom were chasing me... it was SO much fun... until... i noticed a lovely stream that i thought i'd go for a swim in.
Unfortunately for me, i am not yet a good judge of currents and it was more like a raging river. I was immediately swept down the river, busily paddeling my paws trying to keep my head above water. Mom and dad were watching the whole thing, running down the banks and calling my name. All of the sudden i got stuck in some fallen tree branches, i could not touch bottom, and was afraid i would drown. Then, as all hope for me was lost, my mom screamed and my dad shed his shoes and jumped into the river after me. The river was near waist deep to him, and he even was stuck in the branches. He eventually was able to free me from the branches and carry me to saftey!
As much as my parents were happy i was safe, i knew i'd be in trouble for this one. But lucky for me i got to get another bath.
Happy Birthday Mom,

Love, Frodo


Adam and Becca said...

Holy Cow! Did all of this really happen, or is Frodo telling tall tales?! And when did he get smart enough to type a blog?!

Russ and Amy said...

sure did happen... crazy animal. I know there's got to be some God illustration in there somewhere. but, it might take a few years to gain THAT perspective. :)

Kris & Leanne said...

You guys... this made me laugh out loud. Seriously. Thank You. And I'm SO glad Frodo is ok. At least for today.
- Leanne

Katie Mika said...

What actually got cut off behind Frodo's ears that made you have to take an emergency trip to the vet? YIKES! Glad he's okay. :)